SÀL 2018

HMY Iolaire was carrying 283 returning servicemen who had fought and survived the First World War, as they approached Stornoway Harbour on New Years Eve 1918, the boat hit the infamous rocks ‘The Beasts of Holm’. 205 of the men on board drowned. The impact of the disaster on the islands of the Outer Hebrides was devastating, the loss of life represented almost a generation of young men from the Islands. Iain’s Great-Grandfather, John Morrison, was one of those lost.

This collaboration with Iain Morrison work was jointly commissioned by An Lanntair in Stornoway and the 14-18 NOW WW1 Centenary Art Commissions.

A collaboration with Scottish musician and composer Iain Morrison for a performance that commemorates the centenary of the sinking of The IOLAIRE.