Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion are Scottish based artists working with sculpture, photography, video and sound exploring new ways to engage with the subjects of, the environment and ecology.

We are living through a heightened period in time where various phenomenon are converging, climate change, soil and habitat degradation, air and sea pollution and population demands are just a few of the forces generating world wide difficulties and tensions. Our artworks enter into this subject matter, inhabiting spaces and resonating out to people who come in contact with them.

We endeavor to create artworks that embody ideas and values. We make works that reflect on climate change, that draw attention to the restorative powers of the natural world for health and well being, other works speak about our relationships with birds, plants, animals, and the importance of weather. Artworks can enable or facilitate a tuning into natures rhythms and textures, sensually reconnecting the human body to the elemental earth.

We collaborate with conservation bodies, landowners, developers, botanists, ecologists, curators and museums, composers and musicians amongst others.

We constantly strive to understand the context and the place our artworks will exist in, investigating ways that art can focus attention on and amplify particular aspects of the ecology of a place; it’s authentic features and unique character. Through this we cultivate qualities that may have lain dormant, three dimensionalising ideas into forms that inject a new value and alternative recognition of a place. The artworks become conduits between people and nature, helping audiences experience our shared environment from alternative perspectives, with the aim of re-establishing our connection with nature and the non-human species we live alongside.