Moor 2024

The vast moor which the island of Lewis is synonymous with, is often described as wild, empty and bleak, but within it exists a vibrant and complex eco-system that is home to a myriad of life forms and species. The moor captured in this film is on the coastal side of Mealaisbhal, a prominent mountain in the area. It has been shaped by unseen acts – tumultuous geological forces enacted over a long, long periods of time; as well as human ideology and activities, expressed through the sound scape. In the film an observer, witnessing animals, birds and plants, is in turn observed, noticed as a presence within the scene. The moor is in a constant state of flux, it resonates its own agency, and provides a metronome to live alongside.

Sound in collaboration with Gerald Mair. Duration 19minutes, 20 seconds

The first work in a trilogy of works which observe different locations surrounding the artists home in the Outer Hebrides.