Colony 2014

Shot over a full season at sea cliffs further north of our studio. The cliffs have become the perfect habitat for over 170,000 seabirds who converge to breed and rear their young each year on the ledges and niches afforded by the site. Over a period of four months we returned to these cliffs to film the birds whose cacophonies of guttural accents accompany territorial squabbles, coquettish preening, stoic incubation, frenzied feeding and beguiling parenting techniques, became addictive viewing. Wildly differing species coexist on these cliffs, displaying exuberant, highly evolved and economic lifestyles that have adapted to harsh and testing conditions. The musician and composer Aidan O Rourke  was commissioned to write and record the accompanying music for the work.

First exhibited at An Lanntair Gallery, Stornoway as part of GENERATION - 25 Years of Scottish Art. Sound by Aidan O Rourke