Context is an important element to our work, whether that be the presence of a scarcely seen species, or the recognition of a geological phenomenon. Often we look at places from an other than human perspective, we constantly strive to understand the situation our projects will exist in and investigate ways that art can help focus attention on and amplify particular aspects of the ecology of that place, its authentic features and unique character.

Below are a selection of the sculptural works we have made since our studio was founded in 1993.


A series of standing stones that engage and reflect on the anatomy and psyche of being human.

Nomadic Boulders

Large scale bronze and stone permanent sculpture at John O' Groats, Britains most northerly settlement.

Rain (Thuwal)

A permanent structure dedicated to the phenomenon of rain.

Immersion Clothing

Four garments designed to facilitate more immersive experiences in the great outdoors.

Rosnes Bench

A multiple installation of 30 recumbent benches that aim to stimulate the senses and help you 'tune in' to the nature around you.

Walking Dress

Interpretation of a post industrial landscape.


Twin sculptures that bring together Devonian and Lewisian Gneiss boulders, some of the oldest stone in the world.


Temporary outdoor works, Fiscally Woods, Perthshire.

Gold Leaf

A 12-meter high landmark sculpture on the site of the former Pooley Hall Colliery
visible from the M42, which contributes to a wider understanding of the site context.


A permanent, cast concrete, draped car, performs a strange alchemy to the surrounding air.

Ontological Garden

Permanent sculptural installation of four stylised versions of common Scottish trees.


Three full size expedition tents cast in aluminium, that speak of a yearning for a type of lifestyle that few of us are able to truly experience.

Modern Nature

A work that reflects upon the reintroduction of the Capercaillie to Scotland.

Rain (Wales)

A temporary structure exploring and celebrating the phenomenon of rain.

The Horn

Outdoor work for the edge of the M8 Motorway that links Edinburgh with Glasgow.


Animated sculpture interpreting suspended sea water.

The Bathers

Film and sculpture installation exploring themes of reinvention and baptism.