Flow 2012

Two outdoor works made for Fiscally Woods in Perthshire for winter light festival FLOW: Pollen – multiple oak, birch, hazel and pine pollen grains, enlarged and suspended throughout the forest, evoking the invisible but essential movement of pollen through space until finding their rightful recipients. The Dialect of Leaves – took the form of a ‘glade’ of trees in the form of neon symbols that represent the names of tree species using ancient Celtic rune, Sanskrit, early Arabic and Egyptian symbols. These differing languages speak of the distant origins of the trees we now commonly see as natives in our local surrounds.

Whilst we are too big to see the micro complexity of trees, and too small to see the wide web of interrelated systems epitomised by the Fungi which connect trees to the water and nutrients on which they depend, we can strive to stay attuned to these mighty and responsive organisms as there is still much to learn. Ruth Ingram, Botanist

Hosted by the Forestry Commission, Scotland.