Walking Dress 2014

This work draws from the Victorian fashion of cumbersome dresses designed to stride in and take the air. The bodice of the dress is accurately tailored from period patterns of the time, but the skirt morphs into a suggestive geology of glacially worn rocks with ridges and gullies. The dress material is a conglomerate of recycled textile. The silhouette of the torso conjures up a period of time when society embraced industrial processes that changed forever the finite balance of the resources we require to sustain our lifestyles. The contours of her skirt recalls familiar Scottish landscapes shaped by slow erosions and dark volcanic undertakings, however the landscape she is moving towards is another era where humans have left a permanent and profound footprint.

Tailoring and construction of the dress was in collaboration with Min Scotland.

First shown at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh as part of Generation, 25 Years of Scottish Art.