The Journey 2018

A series of photographic images created for Glasgow’s Motel One capturing the potential for reflection and renewal, intrinsic in the activity of taking a journey.  The images depict a woman (traveling with a dog), as she makes an autumnal journey north on Scotland’s West Highland Line, a single track railway that leaves Glasgow and famously takes its passengers to places inaccessible by car. Dense woodland brush the train windows, spectacular bridges are traversed and wild and remote moorlands coasted over. A journey can ultimately be made to the very edge of the mainland and beyond, the watery invitation of the islands awaits. Such a journey affords a different type of awareness and being with the self. There are opportunities to both take the long look and gaze, as well as be startled by what appears momentarily and then is gone forever. All of us are capable of similar journeys, to look outwards and reflect inwardly, whilst remaining open to new revelations. There are poignant times in everyone’s life where we need to travel (not necessarily that far) in order to find ourselves.

A photographic commission for Glasgow's Motel One