Strata 2014

Dalziel + Scullion were the lead artists co-ordinating artworks for eight floors of an acute adult hospital. These works visualised eight broad habitats drawing the wider landscape of Scotland into the building. We utilised a back catalogue of images and unique observations made over a lifetime of exploring Scotland’s diverse landscape, together with many new works made specifically for the project.

We also invited five artists to collaborate on the project: Nickolai Globe (ceramic works for Social Spaces), Patricia & Angus Macdonald (aerial views of Scotland, establishing each floors habitat), Ursula Hunter (creation of a ‘family’ of characters that explored each habitat), Beka Globe (striking black & white images, with a particular focus on the western isles), and Frances Walker (capturing Frances’ unique distillation of geology in her complex drawings of landscape). This large body of over 250 works stemmed from the belief that we need Nature in our lives as a constant touchstone, whilst not a replacement for natures absence, the works resonates with particular narratives in Nature, and served as a reminder of its ability to be a powerful tool in maintaining or improving our physical and mental wellbeing.

Commissioned by Gingko Projects for the New Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Glasgow